hmmm..... could of been better.....

The Heartless: The Heartless Trilogy: Book 1 (Volume 1) - James E Ticknor

This may not be all that coherent. I'm on my way home from work and it's after 11 at night. I am beyond tired.

First off i would like to say this book had many issues. but we'll start with some positives. The world itself -> with its magic, elite forces and civilizations was quite good, i especially enjoyed the magic and elites.
that pretty much sums up everything enjoyable about this book.
The rest.... well, The characters weren't great, the only one i sort of liked was Commander Alexander, oh and i suppose Tom, he was interesting. The rest were either unremarkable or terrible. I Hated the main character. He was this selfish, cruel, disgusting, childish idiot with some incredible talent. There was only about 10% of the book all up when i thought he might be a decent human being. He's not even an interesting bad guy or one i can sympathize with. Something wouldn't go his way he would loose his temper and purposely hurt or kill someone in an attempt at making himself feel better. He also had this habit of spitting on people after they were injured or dead. I detest that! Its sounnecessaryto spit on someone just to show your disgust or contempt to someone. What happened to a good scowl? plus he didn't care his baby died, not one bit. didn't even try to save him/her.
I have difficulties reading a book from a POV i dislike let alone enjoying it. So yea that sums up our main character, Menar.

Another major issue i had with this book was the ridiculous amount of errors, I'm usually not that fussed over errors but this was a joke. Who ever edited The Heartless did a terrible job. There were repeated sentences, quite a few which didn't make sense and on occasion even the names were mixed up.

Oh and the Heartless? beyond evil. The violence in this book was absolutely brutal. Torture was a fairly frequent occurrence, even from the supposed good guys.

Though the book was a quick read, which was nice. lol.

With A LOT more editing, a few personality changes and some character development this could be a decent read.

Unfortunately at this time The Heartless won't be getting many stars from me.

1 star for potential.