News about Steve

For a sick little guy he sure is a happy camper.


I ended up having 2 buy some medication for him. the vet was concerned he might have White Spot which becomes fatal if left untreated. she of course wasnt 100% sure if that was the cause, being that its hard to diagnose a fish when you cant exactly bring them in. but we both thought better to be safe than sorry.
Steve's skin? scales? do seem to be improving. though im not sure if tats due to the water change or the medication itself. his fins are still a slight concern.


here's hoping he's on the mend.



Steve's bubbles (nest) i have been told this means he's happy.



Steve's off colouring. He' meant to be dark blue all over. It was worse in real life. i have a crappy phone. also see how sad his fin's look??



Steve's current colouring. his body is mainly blue now. his fines are odd coloured and a bit ratty.



not the best photo. he was darting around tonight waiting to be fed. fatty.




The inspiration for Steve's name. beautiful but badass. 

you guys should def watch Hawaii Five-0 if you dont already!