Saved by the ending

Steel Lily - Megan Curd

Not to bad.  though it did take a while to hit its stride. through out most of Steel Lily i was contemplating between 2.5 and 3 star, it wasnt bad, i didnt want to put it down but there where a few things that occasionally got on my nerves. mainly Avery and her inability to stick with anything, a thought, a feeling, a sentence she just said. she was constantly  inconsistent and it was driving my slightly bonkers. the book did manage to redeem itself towards the last quarter, around 70 something % the book started getting quite good. the characters were witty and fun. plus Avery and Jaxon finally decided to stop mooning over each other twenty-four-fucking-seven and do something about it. which was almost a godsend. i know there teenagers but holy shit.

I didnt feel the slightest bit bummed about characters dying which isnt a good sign, though the cool dystopian/steampunk happenings totally made up for it.

the burning man well quite spooky and i loved it. plus the whole friendship thing towards the end was rather sweet. though the big twist wasnt so big, i was partially paying attention to off things throughout the book and happened to notice it pointing in that directions, though it was more....sinister than i expected.


I'm looking forward to reading the Iron Pendulum, see what new trouble this crowd of hooligans gets themselves into next,