book Tarot reading.

Today i came across something of interest posted by Barks & Bites. Its something i have heard of before, mainly cause my mother was pretty intensely into tarot reading, spiritual energies ect. But i realize most people probably haven't had my odd child-hood and their for may not of heard of it.


Anyways this is the description of how its done. (taken mainly from the website, i dont sound that perky)


Step One: Think of a big, important question you want answered like “what is the meaning of my life?” or “does my but look ridiculous in this?”


Step Two: Now, randomly pick a book off your shelf. It could be The Bible or Having the Cowboy’s Baby. It doesn’t matter!


Step Three: Let the book fall open to any page and let your gaze come to rest on a random sentence. Read that sentence out loud. That is your answer!


Sometimes this exercise produces profound results. Other times it’s just good for a laugh. But either way, it’s worth a try.





Anyways i tend to find it quite amusing. especially using poetry or quote books. There are a couple more idea on the website that you may find worth checking out.

Also check out Barks & Bites post about this site, its quite amusing. you'll find the first link should lead your straight there.