Clockwork Prince - Cassandra Clare

Oh i did not except the book to finish there. I am all sorts of conflicting emotions about this book.

The Jem and Will situation was brilliantly handled. I did not think she could manage it going so.....smoothly. It was still slightly painful but not the cringe worthy moment i expected it to be.


Im fairly positive if i hadn't had to read this book over so many days i would of enjoyed it a lot more. When i picked it back up this afternoon i had difficulties remembering what had been happening it had been that long and i had just to much going on in the real world at the time to squeeze in more reading. I wish it hadn't end so quickly, i feel like I've only just sat down and started reading again when it ended!


oh well i can always re-read it and there's always the next book, which i made sure to get before i finished this one! lol though im not in such a rush as i was for the last one. :/


I bet the evil Mortmain didn't see that ending coming, possibly puts a crimp in his plans. I'm hoping Cecily will bring some happiness back to poor Will's life, dude has had it beyond tough and some how shit just managed to get worse for him. lol. poor lad.

I didnt think i could find myself softening to him this much but he excuse was a good one. have to give him that.


All the characters where great, i like the new cook, she certainly brings something to the institute, weather that something is good... well thats to be seen. lol. she's certainly interesting, i wonder what her story is.

We still havent really ventured into Sophie's life, except for the fact she possibly has a new bow. we did have some rather informative looks at the other characters lives, we got to see quite a few different POVs in this book. I recall the first book was only from Tessa's POV so it was a nice change.


well thats all i can think of to say at this time, Im looking forward to reading the next book.