Wolfsbane - Patricia Briggs

What a wonderfully sweet ending, no I'm not being sarcastic. I truly adored the ending. It was ridiculously HEA and i loved every moment. thats how a relationship should be, not rushed over a month or few but a slow journey exploring each other and yourself.


God i am beyond tired. it has to be close to 3am. i could check but that involves moving. as you can probably guess i had difficulty putting the book down until i finished and therefor have zero energy....need sleep.


anyways this book was great. i loved the 2 main characters, the others are unfortunately still not as great but not bad either. This time The Villain wasnt as.... masterful in his evil doings, though still a tricky bugger to catch.


The horse is awesome. I need e one of those.


I'm looking forward to the next book. I believe it'll be about the Dreamer. should be good.




just found out there is no 3rd book :( feeling gibbed!