Clockwork Angel - Cassandra Clare

AHHHH!!!! i need the next book and i need it now!


This book was fantastically long in the best way. So many times I thought the ending to be just around the corner when i was pleasantly surprised to find out it wasn't!

Oh how i love the characters and their complex stories and descriptions. And the magnificent world with its wonderful Victorian London era crossed with fabulous steam-punk fantasy. AHHHH what a great genre!


All the characters absolutely made this book. I adored Tessa and her unique gift, only complaint i have is not seeing enough of it!

Tessa had this amazing compassionate and curious personality, which made for a wonderful character. Jem was also beautiful, always so strong, never judging. Always caring and considerate, putting others first. God he was such a ...... catch. What the hell is wrong with you Tessa! open your eyes woman!

Sigh. but i suppose the heart wants what the heart wants. stupid heart.


Charlotte and Henry were an interesting match, they balanced each other out quite well. I wouldn't mind a peak into their odd marriage.

and while we are peaking.... i wouldn't mind finding out what will's mystery is. they're bound to be mind blowing. the way they slyly made an appearance here and there throughout the book, never letting you completely forget. Yes they're bound to be very interesting indeed.


The rest of the characters where also riveting though maybe not as much, but then i think Jessamine might be insane so that could be entertaining. For me Thomas and Agatha felt more like fillers, conveniently their when you needed them but otherwise they didn't really add to the story line. and there personality's were never truly explored. they came off more.... flatter then the other characters.


Either way I'm desperate to get my hands on the next book. I think i may even get up early so i can go hunting for it. 

I probably have it on my computer but alas i havent had that for a while now :( hopefully soon we will be reunited and i can stalk booklikes to my hearts content.


rating 4 1/2 stars.





Side note

I cant believe Clockwork Angel was written by the same person who wrote Mortal Instruments, which i rather disliked. maybe after i finish this trilogy I'll give MI another go..... maybe. i make no promises!