The 5th Wave

The 5th Wave - Rick Yancey

Fantastic book. Maybe 5 stars worthy fantastic.


I loved the writing style, the characters, the world, the situation. pretty much everything in this book was great. I loved the mystery of who was bad and who wasn't. and what their big evil ingenious plan is.

oh and the writing! (i know I've mentioned this already but you dont understand!) some sentences just blew me away.


'There really is no hope, you know, Vosch said. I've heard those words before, in another voice, my voice, in the tent in the woods, under the car on the highway. hopeless. useless. pointless.

What Vosch spoke, i believed. In the safe room i saw an infinite sea of upturned faces. if they had asked, would i have told them there is no hope, that it was pointless? Or would i have told them, climb onto my shoulders, I will not let you fall?

Reach. Grab. Pull. Rest.

Reach. Grab. Pull. Rest.


Climb onto my shoulders, I will not let you fall.'


This quote carries so much meaning and emotions for me when i read it. beautiful.


I really like the characters, especially Cassie and Evan. They both had some serious faults but thats what made them seem so realistic to me. So loveable.

God i hope Evan is alive. I dont see how, but i hope.


Im really looking forward to reading the next book. I wonder where the characters will go from here. I wonder what their plan of attack will be.


Also ALIENS! who knew a book on aliens could be so awesome? like there's the Lux series but i thought that was more fluke (or extreme skill) that jennifer made that book so good, but here's another book, just as good! i might need to look into this alien topic/subject a bit more.