want a real life adventure? come to Australia we have spiders bigger than your hand.

I'v been having a serious love affair with books for the last 3 years, its been pretty steamy and hot and i have no plans on slowing down :P

- Imagine.

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The Veil - Chloe Neill

"We have to start somewhere," I said.
He looked at me, smiled. "That's one of those things people say that doesn't really mean anything. They just say it to make you feel better."
"Yeah, they do. I said. "And don't you feel better?"
He grunted.



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The Veil - Chloe Neill

Good on her for putting her hand up to help. Though I don't see how she (who is completely untrained) can give all that much assistance when they already have fully trained and badass sensitives and para's already, who haven't been able to do a lot - but I imagine being thats she's the MC it'll all come down to her in the end, and she'll be the winning factor. *eye roll*

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Rot and Ruin - Jonathan Maberry

Ahhh! I knew he was alive!! Knew it!




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Rot and Ruin - Jonathan Maberry

Wait. Who are the other brothers? I thought that was Charlie & The Hammer? but apparently not..... so confused.


I'm pretty disappointed in this narrator. He doesn't put quite the right....tone and accent on the voices. When people should be guttered, harsh or desperate the author just gives them a bland sound, rather unemotional (even if he states the emotional i should of heard afterwards) which damages the emphasis of the story.

What a strange and wonderful bird

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The Kakapo, an endangered species.


The Kakapo


Nothing can prepare you for a meeting with a kākāpō. Not even an entire front page of them happily shagging a graying faux fro narrated by Stephen Fry. These weird creatures are, without doubt, one of the most remarkable birds in the world. But they need our help to survive.


One of the most notable features of the kākāpō, is its distinctive, musty odour. And then there’s the way it looks and behaves. Firstly, it's a parrot that looks like an owl, or maybe a giant budgie. Despite it's large flappy shaggy wings, it cannot fly. Instead, it walks, jumps and climbs around. Sometimes, the kākāpō will forget it can't fly, often when attempting to flee a predator. The kākāpō will then climb a tall tree and, just when it's actually safe, emit a heroic cry and jump into the air. Only to fall back down. It squawks like every over parrot, but the sound comes out more like a braying donkey, than an exotic bird. Weighing in at 1,4kg-2,2kg, the fattest parrot in the world, it is also one of the longer living ones at around 90 years. That's better than most people.


little fat flightless bird


Unlike most people though, the kākāpō is highly endangered. There are less than 125 on the planet. There are probably a lot less living kākāpō, than there are gifs of it rumping heartily on the front page right now. I think, that since imgur has gotten so much joy out of this fantastic bird, it's is only fair that we return the favour and bring some joy back to kākāpōs themselves.




In the 1970s only 18 kākāpō were known to exist – all males. The species seemed doomed to extinction. But in 1977, a population of male and female kākāpō was discovered on Stewart Island, giving new hope for the survival of this precious bird. Since then, a small team of dedicated staff from the Department of Conservation have worked tirelessly to protect, manage and grow the kākāpō population.


Kakapo Recovery


These birds have been supported by volunteers and staff work year round ensuring the birds are safe, healthy and well fed. The aim of Kākāpō Recovery is to establish at least two managed populations of kākāpō and another self-sustaining population, each with at least 50 breeding aged females, in a protected habitat. Let's help them out.


Therefore, I am going to ask you to donate to help preserve this wonderful bird, so that coming generations can enjoy it as much as we do and have done these past 24 hours. Rare parrot means ENDANGERED parrot. Please help save this wonderful bird from extinction Even a dollar can help make a difference. There are so many of us and so few kākāpō. All donations go directly towards kākāpō recovery – That means food, incubators, health checks, nests, etc. Please visit this link and help out: http://kakaporecovery.org.nz/donate/

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Rot and Ruin - Jonathan Maberry

It doesn't make sense. Someone with so much hatred and hurt in their heart won't change so dramatically because of one event, even if that event was a powerful one. Something like this takes a lot of time and self-confrontation, especially for a teenager who is still trying to work themselves out. However afterwards was handled skillfully.

Reading progress update: I've read 30%.

Rot and Ruin - Jonathan Maberry

2% - Feeling rather meh about it all.


5% - I'm starting to warm up to it now! really getting into it.


30% - For someone who grew up in the world after it ended Benny sure is whiny and not very bright even if he is smart.

"True evil is, above all things seductive. When the devil knocks on your door he doesn't have cloven hooves. He is beautiful. And offers you your hearts desires and (something mumbled). Like a siren.

- Penny Dreadful (tv show)

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The Veil - Chloe Neill

Ugh. There's always got to be that one idiot who ignores facts because he simple wants to live in his ignorance. Also he has a mustache, clearly he is evil.

Reading progress update: I've read 38 out of 336 pages.

The Veil - Chloe Neill

25pg love how the main male character is gay. I was a little worried about a love-triangle. Or the 2 females girls battling it out over him. Speaking of which there's a female friendship here and it appears to be great!! none of that catty business you usually see in a lot of UF.


38pg - Yes stay a few mins longer and say goodbye to your possessions when you know people are coming to get you...... If this doesn't bite her in the ass I will be surprised.

Reading progress update: I've read 21 out of 336 pages.

The Veil - Chloe Neill

12pg - Main character doesn't appear super bright, but I like the rest so far


21pg"Did you hear what I said?"

I blinked at the sound of Tadji's voice. "Sorry. What?"
"You were staring again." It was a bah habit. Like the man with the blue eyes, I was a watcher of the world.
"Guilty as charged," I said'
Love that line: I was a watcher of the world.


Re-read The Better Part of Darkness

The Better Part of Darkness - Kelly Gay

This is the 2nd time I've read The Better Part of Darkness and I have to say I have some serious issues with this book.

The first being that Charlie's head is firmly wedge up her own ass. The woman complains about everything. Apparently everyone should be kind and friendly and just to Charlie because she's 'totally badass and awesome', never mind the fact that she lashes out at everyone when things don't go her way. Charlie also has a massive issue seeing past herself. Other people have problems and issues, just because they don't attack, bitch or whine to everyone in their surrounding area doesn't mean everything is dandy and okay for them.


If this had been my first time reading the series I'm not sure I would continue onto the next book. Luckily I know it improves.... plus the world itself is fantastic (something I appreciate the originally) and I adored Rex.

Side note: This book reminds me of the first few books of the October Daye series - you know how Toby (MC) is suppose to posses a brain that she utilizes to solve crimes and issues because she's a detective, but what really happens is she runs around fumbling the whole time while everyone waits for her to catch up. With the 'bad guys' conveniently popping out of the woodwork to make her life easier. Remember those cringe-y moments? Well this book painfully reminded me of that.


2.5/3 Stars.

My 2nd Official Blog Post!! This one is on Social Anxiety.

Are you uncomfortable in social situations? Don't worry, we have you covered.


Do you dread going to social functions? Meeting new people? Worry you’re going to do something embarrassing? Have you got those uncomfortable butterflies squirming in your stomach, just thinking about being in these situations? Sounds like you might be living with social anxiety. Don’t be alarmed, you’re not alone, 1000’s of people around the world are living with the same fears, and everyone feels anxiety at some point in their lives.


Social anxiety is all about fear, fear of saying something wrong, fear of doing something wrong, fear about being judge, fear of not being accepted, but it doesn’t have to rule you, even if it never fully goes away.

When you are in a situation that makes you feel uncomfortable or nervous it is important to remember that social anxiety won’t kill you, even if it does feel like the world is closing in on you. You have more than likely been through this many times before, you have probably even been in a worse situation, you made it through and you can make it through again.

But how you ask?


.......click here to read the rest. There's even a cute picture :D


Something From The Nightside!

Something from the Nightside - Simon R. Green

Really enjoyed listening to this book. The voices were well done (for the most part... listening to a man try to create the voice of an upper class lady was more hilarious than successful).

I loved the characters, they all have creative and interesting names (well those from the nightside) and fascinating back stories, I wouldn't mine learning more about Sally Shooter's & Johns History! I believe there was a little bit of romance in it *wink wink, nudge nudge* lol. speaking of romance I did feel that the..... relationship was a bit odd between Johanna and John, obviously at the end you get a better understanding of why, but thats not what I'm talking about, even under all those circumstance John was so quick to use the L word, which for a character like him I imagine is rather odd, maybe it was because of the circumstance, (view spoiler) or because of what he thought he could have had. Either way it went from 0-60 very quickly.

I didn't get a strong idea of what John's powers were, except for the whole 'seeing' thing, which I imagine is definitely useful, but not quite sure how that makes him a big player? I was kind of hoping for more outlandish magical powers. Though I suppose it is more unique than the usual powers the MC is given.

The nightside itself was incredible! Green has a vivid imagination and looks like he put all his crazy, fantastic and sometimes horrid ideas all in the one place, the nightside. From the sounds of it, nightside is similar to a drug (except of course it's actually a place) its addictive, makes you feel alive and vibrant but bad for your health. Actually it vaguely reminds me of Kate Daniels' Atlanta except its filled with British people, and less furry creatures. Mainly expect nothing but crazy shit.

I also got a little sneak peak of book 2, and now I'm desperate to listen to it!! sounds amazing. Especially that Sorrow lady.

Doofpool by TamTam the Destroyer



Isn't it amazing!!! I found it here, where you can grab a larger version - perfect for a wallpaper and see the guys other work!!

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Touch - Mark Sennen

DNF at 45%

Kudos to the author, you went out there to write a horrifying book about rapist and serial killers and the people trying to catch them. Unfortunately you did too good of a job and your book made me feel rather ill, it was the whole sly hinting in the kiddie direction that did it. So I had to put your book down for my own sanity - plus I have many other books that need reading that are bound to be more enjoyable. I wish I got to see the bad guys getting caught (assuming they did in fact get caught) and the guy with the broken brain be put away and receive the help he really should have had from the beginning.

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