want a real life adventure? come to Australia we have spiders bigger than your hand.

I'v been having a serious love affair with books for the last 3 years, its been pretty steamy and hot and i have no plans on slowing down :P

- Imagine.


Nevernight - Jay Kristoff

Haha. What an opening sentence!



'People often shit themselves when they die!'

Eli Gold

Fire Touched - Patricia Briggs

You know that Fae guy, who lopped off that other guys head because he was a human monster?
Well I found the perfect guy to play him.


Eli Gold


Meet Eli Gold (Alan Cumming) from The Good Wife. As soon as he was introduced in the series he fit my image of the fae lord perfectly (yes, I forgot his name). He's smaller in statue put athletic and graceful. He's beyond cunning and extremely devious but doesn't look like the villain.

Anyways, just wanted to share that little tidbit with you guys because I can.




Little tidbit on the character background: Few characters are as good as Gold


Masques - Patricia Briggs Wolfsbane - Patricia Briggs

Masques - 56pgs
The second time reading this I'm noticing the amateur mistakes Briggs mentions in the beginning of her book - even with some of the typing/writing issues being obvious it didn't distract anything from the enjoyment I got from reading this book! Briggs is a witch I swear! No one can be this talented naturally! lol



I'm totally loving these books even more the 2nd time around - rare for me. Pretty sure it's because I adore the characters to itty bitty pieces. 

The Diabolical Miss Hyde - Final thoughts

The Diabolical Miss Hyde: An Electric Empire Novel (Electric Empire Novels) - Viola Carr

The Diabolical Miss Hyde was a fun read, if a little out there. My only strong complaints are that Lizzie's character was more unformed than I prefer <spoiler>her personality had a tendency to flip-flop depending on the moment & what was convenient</spoiler> and Eliza was occasionally stupid for such an intelligent women, in addition to being ridiculously suspicious of EVERYONE, except for those she should be of course. *bangs head on the desk*

Otherwise an intriguing enough book, the split in personality and love interest was certainly interesting <spoiler> especially with that psycho Mr Todd, boy is he insane! can't see how Eliza could possibly feel anything positive for him, though I do fancy the red hair</spoiler>. Wouldn't mind seeing where that went, and I did so enjoy the struggle between Lizze & Eliza & there odd affection for each other. So I might pick up the other books in the series at some time, but not for a while I don't think.

Oh and for some odd reason I couldn't get the idea of Hippocrates being bug shaped out of my head, they constantly referred to him as a dog, but based on the descriptions but brain kept referring to him as a bug, maybe a lady beetle? sadly we saw less and less of him as the book went on. Hopefully he'll be in the next one.

Truthwitch - final thoughts

Truthwitch - Susan Dennard

Not sure if this book is really worth 4 stars, probably more like 3.5 or 3.75 but I decided to round up -  mainly because it's has two female protagonists who are best friends, practically sisters really, who are so close no one will turn them against each other. It's a beautiful relationship between women and something that is sadly lacking in most books.


Also love that cover!! not super factual with what actually happens in the book, but boy it looks great!!


Truthwitch - Susan Dennard

I did notice a bit of a ..... lack of information when it came to some of the back-ground details. Such as: Does everyone have powers? or just some people? If some people don't have powers what is their role in the universe, common folk? and how do they feel about it?


I also wanted to say that while yes there are boats and sea monsters I personally wouldn't recommended (or compare) this book/series to Robin Hobb fans. It's a completely different flavour and the main components are different (e.g. There's no conscious boats for one, which is a massive part of Robin Hobb books). It's like saying Vegemite and Promite are the same.

Reading progress update: I've read 210 out of 416 pages.

Truthwitch - Susan Dennard

God he's a bit thick isn't he? what does he think he would do if the situation was reversed? especially with a temper like his? moron.

Reading progress update: I've read 81 out of 416 pages.

Truthwitch - Susan Dennard

I get the thread-sister thing - one girl saved the others life & therefore are now tied to each other - but what on earth is a heart-thread?

Reading progress update: I've read 30 out of 416 pages.

Truthwitch - Susan Dennard

The two girls do sound different, but occasionally it's hard to keep track of who is speaking. I'm not sure if it's because they occasionally swap mid-sentence, then back again?

The Coldest Girl Coldtown - My Thoughts

The Coldest Girl in Coldtown - Holly Black

Rating 4.5 Stars - Audio Version.

I thoroughly enjoyed this audiobook. I just wanted to say Christine Lakin (the narrator) did a marvelous job with all the voices, she really gave this story life. The music was a wonderful touch as well, really added to the suspense & really should be included in more readings.

Tana was one of those characters that drive you nuts, but in the best of ways. At the beginning there she is sitting surrounded by corpses having a full on mental breakdown. Her brain just said 'nope, can't do this' & switched off for a few hours. Of course in turn I was like 'move you bloody idiot!' with the best of intention of course, I didn't want her to end up like everyone else. But the thing is her reaction, no matter how frustrating was realistic. You grab a teenager & throw them in a situation like that of course they're going to loose their shit. This is a big part of why I enjoyed this book so much, another factor was after Tana had her spaz moment, she picked her ass off the floor & planed her best course of action. No running around screaming, or being hysterical. Tana used her brains to improve her situation. Gotta love a girl like that!

This is pretty much how the rest of the story went - shit would go down and Tana would react, then use her noggin to improve her situation with the knowledge and skills she possessed at the time. Plus the girl had some Made self awareness. She knew she occasionally made reckless and insane decisions but she also knew why she did it. There's thousands of adults who wonder around on a daily bases doing this exact thing with no clue as to why they did it. 'It's just who they are'. Pfft. Tana (yes a fictional character, but the point still stands) could see when she was spiraling down hill and take maters into her own hands.

Anyways I'll stop fangirling over Holy Blacks talent to write fascinating characters (hello Gabriel) or her incredible skill at creating the scene, leaving me to be very concerned and creeped out throughout certain parts of the book..... okay after I say a few more things, then I'll stop!
The Coldest Girl in Coldtown could be pretty gory at times (makes sense being a vampire story) what sets this book apart from others was Tana's intimate fixation with said gore. She at times would go into hyper-awareness & just forget everything except what she was focused on with an unusual combination of lust and disgust. I'm not sure how H.B pulled it off to be honest but kudos! She did a spectacular job of it. Even I couldn't help but be dragged under and feel similar sensations when hearing from Tana's POV, which equaled a confusing mix of feelings and emotions for me. Which I imagine had probably been the point.

All in all I am a massive fan of this audiobook. It was perfect for Halloween (even if we don't officially celebrate here in Aus). I'm cut up that this isn't a series, I would have loved to read further adventures of Tana & Gab's. Bound to have been interesting that's for sure.

Reading progress update: I've listened 1207 out of 1207 minutes.

The Coldest Girl in Coldtown - Holly Black

8.13 minutes


Loving how the music is making everything so much more dramatic!!



12.07 minutes


This was a fantastic audiobook!! I'm so bummed this isn't a series.

Movie Vs Book - Fault In Our Stars

So I'm about 30 mins into the movie and really enjoying it so far. The book was brilliant, no doubt, but I had fears the movie wouldn't live up to my high expectations. So far it's not letting me down. (yay)

Anyways the whole point of this post is you know when your watching a movie and something happens and you swear a detail is off and it really bugs you. Especially because your not sure if your right or wrong because it's been so long since you've read the book?
Well I'm having that moment but with something a bit bigger than a minor detail..... I was totally under the impression that Augustus was well... of colour. (Which personally I would totally dig) Now I know this was a giant issue with Hunger Games and maybe that was reflected while I was reading The Fault In Our Stars? It has been quite a few years.... I don't know. :/

Did anyone else feel the same in relation to this book? or have a similar thing happen to them?

Om-goodness these guys are incredible!!


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Sorry I've been Missing In Action for quite a while now - got a job (yay) and when 'm not working I've been smashing through books (so I have lots to update you guys with, some of which are re-reads) for now though I'm pooped and heading off to bed!


Reading progress update: I've read 20 out of 416 pages.

Truthwitch - Susan Dennard

Ohhh I'm enjoying this so far. Both girls have very realistic faults that compliment each other. One is clearly not very bright (in an educational way?) but seems to be in the better position, which is very interesting.


I love their relationship so far, like best friends or siblings. I really do hope nothing happens to one of them - I have a bad feeling because there is only 1 female on the cover, shame 2 would have been cool. But then it is called Truthwitch, and there's only one of those.

Gifting Oneself a Present Because of Awesomeness Level

So I finally got a job (Yay go me) and to celebrate I decided to buy myself a beautiful (and possibly complicated) plant, which I hopefully won't kill. I'm usually decent with plants, as long as they don't need watering on a super regular bases or high upkeep, so I should in theory be fine with an orchid. Plus it was like $10 which is an amazing price for them.




On a side note but that's slightly related, my friend has gone to NZ for two weeks (without me the bitch! admittedly she did ask but I'm broke.... you know the whole job thing, lol, anyways....) and asked me to look after her things. Mainly make sure her housemate doesn't kill her animals and garden. So I've been popping in every few days to water the garden and her buds finally bloomed!! I'm super stoked, they are absolutely gorgeous! also great timing because she's back on Wednesday and it'll look like I did an amazing job of not only keeping everything alive but making that shit thrive. Mad gardening skills. anywho.... here are some pictures I quickly took today before it started to rain. Hope you enjoy them - no idea what they are, but they're pretty.







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